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“The individual great spirit and great efforts create a great team.”

How do you ensure that you use the various qualities, knowledge and personalities of the team members in a way that they will perform optimally, both individually and collectively? And what leadership is needed to achieve this?


In team coaching, we work on topics such as: creating a shared purpose, making use of the different strengths and capabilities, dealing with diversity, enhancing collaboration, creating open communication and increasing the performance of the teams.

We use approaches that are in themselves ‘team development’ because they help to develop and build investigative, non-judgmental dialogues. Using instruments like the Lencioni model, systems interventions, storytelling, strengths assessments but also use dynamics and insights from high performing sports teams. To increase understanding and by using the energy, emotions and fun of sports and to strengthen the impact..


If applicable and needed we can use different assessment tools (a/o INSIGHTS, DISC, MBTI and Management Drives) to support the coaching process.


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